Music Reviews

Rock It EP by Adriano Filippucci – Time has changed

Italian producer Adriano Filipucci has been making music for over half a decade, bringing his blend of warm, classic-sounding house to labels such as Einmaleins, Gastspiel, and Mazoom, and his latest appears on the ever-dependable Time Has Changed, run by French producer Acumen. Having had a sterling 2011, the label begins the new year in similar fashion, with another well-selected flock of house.

The title track’s Male Mix is a heads-down groover, with distinctive organ melodies and male vocal providing a soulful accompaniment that blends well with the off-key chords and low-end notes. The Female Mix dispenses with the organ, and goes deeper and warmer, the subtle walking bassline melody combining with delayed keys and a breathy vocal that gives it different shape. French artist S.M.A.L.L. concentrates on the low end, adding strings and vocal snippets that hark back to classic US house, while Dj Soch beefs up the percs and adds sinister fx for a moody, tribal workout. Closing out is The Beginning, the EP’s second original track, a deep groove-laden cut that uses filters cleverly to give colour to the broad chords that dominate proceedings.

Helping Witness Remixes by Klartraum – Lucidflow

Berlin’s Lucidflow shows no signs of relaxing in 2012, with its second EP following hot on the heels of Terje Saether’s brooding Breed EP in January, the start of February sees Klartraum track Helping Witness getting the remix treatment from three of the label’s favourite producers. The moniker of Lucidflow’s owners (Klartraum means, aptly, Lucid Dream in German) Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch, it’s been a backbone of its success, with almost half of the two dozen EPs so far released, and Helping Witness is another fine example of the pair’s penchant for deep, atmospheric music.

Starting with blocky, energetic percs, the rasping b-line is enveloped in warm washes of sound, a disembodied sample wandering through the mid-range as if lots on the way home from the rave. As with other Klartraum cuts, there’s finesse and subtlety, with the introduction of a piano lending an extra dimension. On the remix are Berlin resident Helly Larson, taking the melody but washing bright chords and pads over it, giving a lighter, airier angle. Markojux (Pinksilver owner Mark Baumann) strips back to the barest essentials with an ethereal tech workout, while Yapacc’s is the standout, its taut percs and stabs balancing light and dark perfectly.