Artists of 2013

Arcade Fire new album 2013

Just as you can set your watch by the end-of-year polls (we did our track of the year here, back in December) then you’re just as likely to recieve the tips for the top for the following twelve months. While the BBC’s focuses on new acts, there’s plenty to be excited about for newcomers and established acts in 2013. And on Sunday 6th Jan, BBC 6Music‘s Now Playing show will be picking its list of aritsts, taking in suggestions from listeners, bloggers and the industry alike.

While everyone from Gaga and Rihanna to debutants such as Haim, Angel Haze and electronic wizard Mano Le Tough are releasing albums, the single event that we can’t wait for is Arcade Fire‘s new long player. We mourned (and still do) the loss of LCD Soundsystem to the archives, but since the split, frontman James Murphy’s been busy, both with his DFA stable and also sprinkling his magic onto We Love Life-era unrelerased Pulp track About You. Having oft-mentioned his plan to produce Arcade Fire‘s last album, which became The Suburbs, the end of LCD has at least given us a mooted partnership that’s mouth-watering, and one that should see the Canadian band’s sound evolve yet again. It’s not confirmed, it’s not got a name, but that’s mere deetails. We can’t wait to hear the results, which is why Arcade Fire’s our pick for 2013. They’re huge already, but this can only send them into the stratosphere.


Follow for everything about the band. BBC 6Music’s Now Playing show with Tom Robinson is on at 6pm on Sundays.